Teeth Whitening Training
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Ideal for Salon, Studio or Mobile
  • Training course with certificate on completion
  • Top of the range Futura 2400 laser from the USA
  • 20 Whitening kits
  • Goggle x2
  • Gel Pens x20
  • Air Flosser
  • Single page website
  • After care and consent forms
Full back and advice for first year. We supply all your teeth whitening accessories at wholesale prices saving you extra £'s
Only £3499.00


Futura® 2400 — Leading worldwide Professional Teeth Whitening Light. Power, Durability, Elegance.
The Futura® 2400 is the #1 blue LED teeth whitening light in the industry worldwide. It didn't reach this lofty position because of good marketing, but rather because of its attributes, which make it truly superior to all other teeth whitening machines in the industry. When you consider that it was designed in the USA and is assembled in USA and Europe, it's the clear choice for any professional.
Maximum Power
At 36W, this is the most powerful teeth whitening lamp in the industry if you exclude plasma lights, which dentists use mostly for other purposes. Though the blue light it emits might be cold, the LED themselves get hot, which allows the light to actually raise the temperature of the gel on the teeth a few degrees to allow the bleaching reaction to take place faster while still being completely comfortable for the customer.
It is the only teeth whitening accelerator that comes with 2 timers, one on the head and one on the body, so the customer/patient and the operator can see the time. The 2-preset time buttons provide added convenience for the user, and the angled body makes it easy to view and use the control panel.

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